Sending light

As people in the land now known as Canada celebrate the summer solstice and the most hours of daylight in the year, I am moved to ‘fan’ the candle-light energy that is lifting lanterns into the night sky near and above Gaza. Yesterday, the Israeli government began a new practice of reducing the amount of electricity entering Gaza, an act that contravenes international humanitarian law.

By learning more about this issue, we can add metaphorical oxygen to the candles that must stay lit in solidarity with Palestinians, amid the darkness of the Israeli government’s occupation of Palestine. Read the letter (click here) sent last week by Gisha, a coalition of 16 civil society organizations, to the Israeli attorney general. Read more (here) about the actual lanterns that were lit and sent up, into the night sky by Israeli activists, yesterday.

Liberal Minister’s letter implies continuation of Harper policy on denying funding for Palestinian refugees

With thanks to Peter Larson for this posting. Echoing his invitation, please write to Mme. Bibeau “( and to your own MP to tell them if you think this is one Harper decision that the Trudeau government should reverse.”

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

pal refugees in beqaaAmong the millions of new refugees displaced by the war in Syria are hundreds of thousands of existing refugees – Palestinians who have been stuck in camps in Syria and Lebanon since 1948. They depend on UNRWA, a UN organization, for the basics of survival. But in a recent letter, Liberal minister Marie Claude Bibeau seems to say that the Liberals are not in any hurry to reverse the Harper government’s decision to cut off UNRWA funding. Read more.

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The Tent of Nations centenary: “We refuse to be enemies”

With thanks to EAPPI’s blog for this posting. I had the joy of sharing a pew with younger members of the Nasser family in church on Christmas Eve, Dec. 2010. Inspired by peace…

by the Bethlehem team.  

On the 12th of May 2016, the Nassar family supported by visitors from around the Globe, congregated on a scenic hilltop farm on the outskirts of Nahlin village to celebrate their family’s connection to the land which stretches back in time to over 100 years.

People came from all over the world to participate in four days of activities that included workshops and group discussions as part of the 100 Years Celebration

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Parliamentarians: Do They Really Know?

With thanks to Steve Berube for this posting.


ottawa_largeLike most Canadians, I was shocked by the stories of residential school survivors. Many asked, “How could such a thing have occurred without people knowing?”

While serving as a human rights observer in Palestine and Israel I had an interesting conversation with a restaurant owner on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. As I was leaving, he asked if Palestinians ever had problems at checkpoints. My immediate thought was, “He really doesn’t know!”

At a reception at the Canadian Ambassador’s house an influential Israeli said to me that he use to have friends in Bethlehem. He paused and then filled with lament said, “It is as if somebody built a wall.” I wanted to say, “Yes. It is 26 feet tall, ugly and the International Court of Justice has ruled it illegal.” But, I realized he too, didn’t know.

I believe most Israelis do not really know what is…

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The new Trudeau doctrine on Israel/Palestine

With thanks to Peter Larson for this posting.

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

netanyahu and harpertrudeau and netanyahuUnder Harper, Canada and Israel were “best friends”. Last week Stephane Dion outlined the new Trudeau Doctrine on Israel/Palestine. Israel has been downgraded to “strong ally and friend”. What’s the difference? Read more.

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