How does the word, apartheid, apply to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Listen here for a recent, 4-minute interview between Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy, and Canadian, Peter Larson. Peter asks: “Do you think that the word apartheid is legitimately applied to Israel?” See Peter Larson’s recent blog posting here.

And, plan to attend the event in Edmonton on Thurs., 26 Mar. 2015 with Gideon Levy, hosted by the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) and Independent Jewish Voices – Edmonton. More info here.

What news? Local Palestinian Bazaar. Gideon Levy on the Israeli elections.

To experience a festival of culture, plan to drop into the Palestinian Bazaar on Sat., 14 Mar. 2015 in Edmonton. The event will be hosted by Humanserve International (click here). For details, click here.

Looking for insights about the upcoming Israeli government elections (17 Mar. 2015)? Plan to attend an event on 26 Mar. 2015 in Edmonton with Gideon Levy (click here). While placed in occupied East Jerusalem, in Jan. 2011, I heard him speak about the role of the Israeli media in the Israeli government’s occupation of Palestine (click here).

Trying to understand recent news about Israeli-American and Canadian relations?

On 3 March 2015, the Israeli government representative, Prime Minister Netanyahu, addressed the United States Congress for the third time. Winston Churchill is the only other international leader to appear before Congress three times. For additional, contextual information about the address, check out this annotated guide – click here and then click on all of the grey-highlighted words for the annotations.

Click here for another resource, TimesWarp. Click here for a website maintained by British journalist, Jonathan Cook, from his base in Nazareth, Israel.

Click here for commentary from Canadians in The Globe and Mail.

And, click here for recent insights about the Canadian government’s relationship with the Israeli government.