Does Harper want to criminalize criticism of Israel? Canadian civil society issues a warning

Thanks to Peter Larson for this informative posting on his blog.

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

steven blaney at un

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney recently told a United Nations Assembly that Canada would show “zero tolerance’ towards the movement to boycott Israel. What does that mean? Mr. Blaney and Mr. Harper seem to think that criticizing Israel should be made illegal in Canada. Not everyone agrees. See more.

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A success story: against all the odds

Thanks to Ecumenical Accompaniers and the EAPPI staff for this story that appears on the EAPPI blog.

by the Jordan Valley team

Nai’me shows us the water pool her family has built with the aid from a local organisation. She explains to us how this pool has enabled her family to harvest rainwater and use it to irrigate their farms. She smiles shyly and adds:

“Our produce has increased so much that we now can afford to send our eldest daughter to university in Jericho”  Nai’me 2015

Nai'mes agricultural water pool, Jordan Valley Photo EAPPI/M. Stacke Nai’mes agricultural water pool, Jordan Valley Photo EAPPI/M. Stacke

Nai’me and her family live in a small village north of Jericho, situated in Area C. In Area C, Israeli authorities control everything pertaining to building and development. If you want to build a house, drill a well or pave a road, you need a permit; something that Nai’me and her family do not have. In fact, they did not even try to ask for one, since Israeli authorities are not…

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Palestine joins the ICC – what does it mean? An interview with fmr Ambassador Peggy Mason

Thanks to Peter Larson for sharing this posting from the interview regarding the Canadian foreign-policy stance relative to the recent confirmation of Palestine’s membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine


Palestine has now joined the International Criminal Court. What does it mean? Will Netanyahu be dragged into court in the Hague?  Or is it purely a propaganda move by the Palestinian Authority? We asked Peggy Mason, President of the Rideau Institute, and former Canadian Ambassador for disarmament. She was helped by legal research assistant Leigh McCarroll. Read more

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We are one Earth community – Canada shares responsibility…

Canada is a part of the global community. If we are concerned about the future, we need to understand that what happens elsewhere (e.g., Palestinian refugees in Syria) also impacts Canadians. To sustain life ‘there’ is linked to sustaining life ‘here’.

I invite you to learn more about the need for international (including UN-member states like Canada) support for Palestinian refugees in Damascus, particularly Yarmouk refugee camp. Peter Larson posted on his blog, recently (click here), referring to CBC Radio’s program, “The Current”, on Thurs., 9 Apr. 2015 (click here).

For additional info, please follow these links:

Through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA), the UN protects Palestinian refugees and calls for urgent support (click here).

This appeared in a left-leaning, Israeli newspaper (click here).

Forcible removal: the confiscation of solar panels from a Bedouin community (by EA Sandra)

I received this recent news, as described by the current EAPPI team in East Jerusalem. The posting originally appeared on the EAPPI UK & Ireland blog.

EAPPI UK & Ireland Blogs

The treatment of Bedouin communities is one of the ‘big issues’ for our work. You can read some key facts about this issue from UNOHCA (the UN agency coordinating humanitarian efforts in occupied Palestine) at the end of this blog.

At around 4pm on April 1, the Jerusalem team received an alert that the Israeli Civil Authority was planning to remove 11 solar panels from the Bedouin community of Khan al Ahmar.

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Political prisoners as leaders on paths to peace

Think of the political prisoners of our time… one in particular immediately jumps to mind, Nelson Mandela, especially when I hear others ask, “Who is or will be the Mandela in the Palestinian-Israeli situation…?” Mandela, among many other steps on paths to peace, founded The Elders (click here) in 2007. They are “independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights”.

I introduce you to Khalida Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, leader in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and longtime advocate for Palestinian political prisoners. At 1 am on 2 Apr. 2015, her home in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank was raided and she was arrested (click here for info and actions to take). In Nov. 2014, Khalida met with several Canadians including Peter Larson (click here for Peter’s blog posting and a video with Khalida). Peter notes that: “In democratic countries, the arrest of a parliamentarian is a very unusual event. Jarrar’s arrest now brings to 16, the number of Palestinian parliamentarians who are held in Israeli jails.”

After years of advocating for others, the world is invited to advocate for Khalida Jarrar, political prisoner, and for her human rights… as she continues on her path to peace, from inside HaSharon prison in northern Israel (for more info, click here). Click here for an online petition.