Creating compassionate spaces for collective meaning making

Welcome to Peacing Stories in support of:

  • The facilitation of dialogue (e.g., single and series workshops, group decision-making, collaborative organizational or project planning)
  • With service providers, policy makers, professionals, engaged citizens, students, and researchers/evaluators.

As circles of participants, co-learners, and/or partners, we see each others’ faces and body language. We hear each other and understand our interdependence. We explore shared responsibilities
for the issues of our time.

Even as we are unique individuals and bring our life experiences and expertise to dialogue, together we create a colourful effect.

Through deep listening, we piece meaning together
like a richly textured quilt.
= Peacing Stories


5 thoughts on “Creating compassionate spaces for collective meaning making

  1. Peacing Stories: a realistic insight from people living in a very desperate situation. It provides a much more balanced picture to what we read/hear in the every day news.

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