I am a lover of water, rocks, trees, and more in western Canada. I am an endorsee of the Earth Charter and of the Charter for Compassion, and I am an Ecumenical Accompanier.

My passion: Learning through stories about the ways that people, creatures, and landscapes co-exist over time.

I am an artisan academic – one who engages in a dialogical, hands-on approach to facilitating: (a) lifelong learning and (b) the co-creation of meaning to effect social change. “Artisan” means hand-crafted to me. Striving to work in holistic, context-sensitive ways, I wish to develop with others as we co-create compassionate spaces for sharing stories to support a healthy and interdependent world, through time.

My lifelong-learning path includes a PhD in Human Ecology and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies (MMSt). See more on LinkedIn.

– Sherry Ann Chapman, Peacing Stories

*Logo design: Uma B. Pitalia (click here).

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