Witnessing pain – Friends object.

Upon witnessing the effects of the Israeli authorities’ demolition of friends’ home in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, my friend, Jan, is calling out to the world in the name of peace. Please read her blog posting to learn more (click here).

As a reminder (from my posting on 13 April 2011, click here):   Israel occupied East Jerusalem along with the West Bank in 1967. Occupation is regarded internationally as a temporary situation. Permanent changes in occupied territory are not allowed except for military necessity or to benefit the local population (Article 43, Hague Regulations). Destruction of property is not allowed (Article 53, Fourth Geneva Convention). Confiscation of property (Article 46, Hague Regulations) is not allowed. The forced displacement and inhumane treatment (e.g., denying essentials like water) of the local population is…not allowed.

I agree with Jan in asking: If the Israeli government and the Canadian federal government claim to be best friends, how is it that the latter does not object to what the former is doing – which is blatant disregard for international law?

A letter from East Jerusalem to Canada – Part 2

Dear Canada,

How are you?

I have read that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird (click here), speaking for the federal government of Canada, has warned Palestinians not to pursue internationally recognized human rights in the United Nations and the International Criminal Court (click here).

I am confused. Why would Canada, with its past record of protecting human rights and freedoms and of peace keeping, warn other peoples not to seek a just peace?