Poetry – Trying to imprison it…

Today I learned about Dareen Tatour, a poet, who is Palestinian from the Galilee… imprisoned. Again, in July 2018. Her poetry reaches beyond the prison walls…

Read more here, here, and here

3 thoughts on “Poetry – Trying to imprison it…

  1. Dearest Sherry-Ann,

    What a lovely way to start this day, with this message from you, and Dareen’s poetry. On a morning when I am trying to transition from the holidays back to being a writer in a silent room with a book to finish. Dareen can write so beautifully there, in that place.

    So I will write here, bonded by the breeze that blows from her, through you, to me, a breeze that rides above the fear and sorrow and brings gentle joy with memories of you.

    I understand that you are working in Human Ecology now, full time in the perfect place, where you will model the positions and experience of the students, leading them on with your support and inspiration. I’m delighted to know this! …

    I wish you an amazing year, filled with light, love and happiness, as with all the years to follow.

    Much love, as always, Nance

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Dareen and her powerful witness. “In the best of struggles, our lives must be lived.”Carolyn McDade

  3. Poetry, words, peaceful expressions of deep emotions express feelings that need to be heard. All the more so when they are based on real experiences. Some people are very brave and express their thoughts… Dareen Tatour is one of the brave ones and willing to face the consequences.

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