The road that blocks other roads

With thanks to EAPPI for this posting… a hint of the possibilities…

by the Tulkarm Qalqiliya team. 

In the North-West area of West Bank, in the Governorate of Salfit, lies Deir Istiya, a Palestinian village which has about 4000 inhabitants. The village is located in close proximity to seven Israeli settlements. This community’s livelihoods are being undermined due to access restrictions and land confiscations imposed by the Government of Israel. [1] [2][3]

In November 2015, Israeli authorities started constructions works to broaden Road 55 located next to the village. While the broadening of the road has improved the connectivity of settlements in the area, the freedom of movement of the residents of the Deir Istiya have been severely curtailed. When the authorities broadened the highway they closed all of the agricultural roads previously used by farmers. As a result residents of Deir Istiya have been cut off from about two thirds of the village’s farming lands on the other side of the road…

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2 thoughts on “The road that blocks other roads

  1. Hi, Sherry Ann, Hope you are enjoying the summer months — This piece that you sent is so amazing! I can’t believe it has had an effect on the situation for the farmers. It is ridiculous that the situation existed in the first place, but the non-violent demonstrations actually accomplished something. Cause for hope. It is but a drop in the bucket but the drop wasn’t there before 🙂 … Marilyn

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