The right to pray does not have an age limit

With thanks to EAs and EAPPI for raising awareness about Palestinians’ (Muslim and Christian) efforts to live a non-violent life in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem…

by EA Ebba, Yanoun team,

“Teargas burns in my throat and nose. My eyes sting. I lift up the scarf over my nose and I start to breathe through the blue velvet fabric. Around me, people are fleeing in all directions. Smoke from teargas-canisters settles like a fog over the crowd, of men women and children. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It sounds as if weapons are being fired, but the sound comes from sound bombs thrown into the crowd.”  

Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) monitor access to holy sites for Palestinians of all faiths across occupied Palestine. During Ramadan our EAs monitor the checkpoints every Friday to ensure that those with permits are able to go to Jerusalem and report on any human rights abuses that occur during crossing.

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1 thought on “The right to pray does not have an age limit

  1. Hi, Sherry Ann, Thanks so much for this! Somehow this info has to get out to the world — thanks for getting it to me… Hugs, Marilyn ________________________________

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