Parliamentarians: Do They Really Know?

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ottawa_largeLike most Canadians, I was shocked by the stories of residential school survivors. Many asked, “How could such a thing have occurred without people knowing?”

While serving as a human rights observer in Palestine and Israel I had an interesting conversation with a restaurant owner on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. As I was leaving, he asked if Palestinians ever had problems at checkpoints. My immediate thought was, “He really doesn’t know!”

At a reception at the Canadian Ambassador’s house an influential Israeli said to me that he use to have friends in Bethlehem. He paused and then filled with lament said, “It is as if somebody built a wall.” I wanted to say, “Yes. It is 26 feet tall, ugly and the International Court of Justice has ruled it illegal.” But, I realized he too, didn’t know.

I believe most Israelis do not really know what is…

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The new Trudeau doctrine on Israel/Palestine

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Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

netanyahu and harpertrudeau and netanyahuUnder Harper, Canada and Israel were “best friends”. Last week Stephane Dion outlined the new Trudeau Doctrine on Israel/Palestine. Israel has been downgraded to “strong ally and friend”. What’s the difference? Read more.

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“Standing together.” Israeli human-rights supporters gather.

Within Israeli society, supporters of human rights (and an end to the Israeli government’s occupation of Palestine) are objecting publicly to incitement by right-wing groups. The group “Omdim Beyachad” (Standing Together) organized a rally on 19 Dec. 2015 in Tel Aviv; read more in this article by Haggai Matar (click here).

Canadian shot by Israeli sniper in West Bank

On Dec. 11, a Canadian citizen was shot in Bethlehem. Her name is Rehab Nazzal and she is a photographer and PhD student at the University of Western Ontario. Please consider this blog and the letter from Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb (click here). Please sign the petition to the Honourable Stéphane Dion, Canadian Foreign Minister and Ambassador Vivian Bercovici, Canadian Ambassador to Israel (click here). See also this article and the article.

Canada Talks Israel/Palestine

nazzal in ottawaCanadian photographer Rehab Nazzal, here shown speaking in Ottawa in 2014, was shot last week in Bethlehem by an Israeli sniper. I ask six questions of Canada’s new Global Affairs Minister, Hon. Stephane Dion. Read my letter here.

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Voices rise above the wall

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by EA Tone.

This autumn the annual olive harvest takes place despite the escalation of violence in Israel and occupied Palestine. The harvest is an unbroken tradition of land cultivation which has been passed on from one generation to another. However this November brings an olive harvest without trees for local landowner Issa al Shatleh. It is now over three months since the Israeli contractors began clearing the ancient olive groves in the Cremisan valley to make way for the expanding separation wall. EA Tone, recently returned to Europe, writes about the events he witnessed and the stories he heard behind the wall in Bethlehem. 

“What will the Nativity church be if there are no Christians left in the area? The stones will be without spirit and soul.”  Issa al Shatleh laments

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A Swing, a Slide, and a Soccer Field ~ Targets of the Occupation

Through this posting, my friend, Dawn, offers current insights about life amid the Israeli government’s military occupation of Palestine… (Note to our shared blog subscribers: Thank you for bearing with cross-postings.)


Children's Playground Wadi Fukin, Occupied Palestine Photo Credit: Dawn Children’s Playground
Wadi Fukin ~ Occupied Palestine
Photo Credit: Dawn

What do a swing, a slide, and a soccer field have in common? It would seem an obvious question ~ these are all things which provide children a safe place to play and simply be children. But in this Palestinian village, the swing, the slide, and the soccer field all share the same fate ~ They have received stop work orders and may well be demolished should anyone have the audacity to complete these playground projects without the required permits ~ permits which are impossible for Palestinians in this village to obtain under a cruel and inhumane military occupation.

It is a Saturday afternoon and I am invited to join a Methodist delegation to the village of Wadi Fukin (Foquin/Fuqeen) ~ one of the villages our Bethlehem EAPPI team monitored in the fall of 2012 (see earlier post, Between a…

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