A Swing, a Slide, and a Soccer Field ~ Targets of the Occupation

Through this posting, my friend, Dawn, offers current insights about life amid the Israeli government’s military occupation of Palestine… (Note to our shared blog subscribers: Thank you for bearing with cross-postings.)


Children's Playground Wadi Fukin, Occupied Palestine Photo Credit: Dawn Children’s Playground
Wadi Fukin ~ Occupied Palestine
Photo Credit: Dawn

What do a swing, a slide, and a soccer field have in common? It would seem an obvious question ~ these are all things which provide children a safe place to play and simply be children. But in this Palestinian village, the swing, the slide, and the soccer field all share the same fate ~ They have received stop work orders and may well be demolished should anyone have the audacity to complete these playground projects without the required permits ~ permits which are impossible for Palestinians in this village to obtain under a cruel and inhumane military occupation.

It is a Saturday afternoon and I am invited to join a Methodist delegation to the village of Wadi Fukin (Foquin/Fuqeen) ~ one of the villages our Bethlehem EAPPI team monitored in the fall of 2012 (see earlier post, Between a…

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1 thought on “A Swing, a Slide, and a Soccer Field ~ Targets of the Occupation

  1. It is a good thing to be reminded of the Palestinian plight. It is all too easy to simply forget. Peacing Stories does such a good job in bringing us a realistic picture. A children’s playground as shown in this story is such a sad reminder of what is taking place. It is sad…very sad.

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