Tense days

Some moving insights about life in Palestine these days… Thank you, Jan, for posting them on your blog. Inspired by non-violence and peace…

A Mosaic For Peace

I have returned to Palestine and am once again working in Hebron with the Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN).

Things are tense these days in all of Palestine.  The 48 year Israeli occupation (illegal according to International Humanitarian Law) of Palestine, with even greater repression of human rights over the last several months, has led some young Palestinians to respond violently.  Frustrated and desperate, and prohibited from carrying guns, they have resorted to the use of knives as a tool to stab Israeli soldiers and citizens.  Israel has responded with what they call “increased security measures,” meaning a further clamp down on Palestinian human rights, a dramatic increase in checkpoints, and what appears to be a “shoot to kill” policy, all of which have served to heighten tensions further.  As well, there have been witnessed reports of unarmed Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers, with a knife later being placed beside…

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