On the edge of what? How might Canada help rather than hinder peace…

Is the ceasefire holding? Some say that it is (click here), despite at least two shooting incidents (here). Much discussion is underway regarding: (a) who has benefited from this recent aggression (here) and (b) the longevity of this ceasefire and the persistence of non-violent resistance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (here and here; this interview is part of Harry Fear’s coverage from Gaza).

What saddens me is what appears to be happening now that the world media is turning the public’s attention to other news items. The Israeli government continues with indirect structural violence in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem and a new wave of arrests and administrative detentions of Palestinians – without charge or trial (click here).

Today, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) shared this report (here) from Steve Hibbard (Nov. 2012) regarding the shift in Canada’s Middle East Policy during Prime Minister Harper’s leadership. Hibbard sees the potential for Canada to contribute in this ambiguous moment: “Perhaps the most helpful step Canada could take would be to use its close ties with Israel to work with Israelis and Palestinians to build mutual trust. Mutual trust is one of the requirements for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement which in turn is the key to a broader Middle-East peace.” (p. 13)

CJPME released this statement (here) that asks Canadian Members of Parliament (MP) to end a silence that many of them have held…for too long. Please write to your MP.

Click here for a list of gatherings near you in the coming days.  If you are in Edmonton, note this opportunity: A film screening and panel discussion on Wed., 28 Nov. 2012 regarding “What Comes Next for Gaza?” (click here)

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