Ceasefire – cease fire – now, breathe…

Breath…that’s what we share…

A ceasefire between the Israeli government and Hamas has been announced. See the full text here and a Reuters article here.

Too many people have died. Too many people are wounded. Too many people are full of fear…

Now, let’s breathe…together…focus on that – only on the breath

to carry this ceasefire into the next breath, and into the next…

I invite you to pause to watch this video (here) for five minutes…breathe…and listen to Rumi’s “Only Breath” poem from 900 years ago…


2 thoughts on “Ceasefire – cease fire – now, breathe…

  1. The thin line of peace,
    so fragile, so easily broken.
    clean the wounds,
    comfort the broken hearted.
    tuck the ugly back in the closet
    hoping it will not leak out and
    pray, for healing.
    cry in silence.

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