Persisting…for a just peace…

Almost a year has passed since I posted a report about demolition devastation for the community of Dkaika in the occupied West Bank. The report was prepared by my Ecumenical Accompanier (EA) team mates in Hebron, 12 Jan. 2011. Click here.

This week, Jan McIntyre, a Canadian EA who spent the autumn in the South Hebron EAPPI placement, posted this report (click here) about the same community. Virtually the entire village is under demolition order. Through EAPPI efforts, a media visit to the community occurred on Mon., 19 Dec. 2011.  To see a television report and one of the publications arising from this visit, click here. Please forward this information to those in your circles…to raise awareness…

As we gather in our homes during this season of dark and light, consider the dance of candle flame…like persistence toward a just peace in Palestine and Israel…

Persisting with dark and light - Christmas Eve - Bethlehem - 24 Dec. 2010 - Photo: Sherry Ann

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