December demolitions…’tis the season

In just the past week in East Jerusalem and in parts of the West Bank:

20 structures – demolished

Bedouin community east of East Jerusalem - parts slated for forced self-demolition (13 Dec. 2011) - Space for an Israeli-settler highway - Photo: Sherry Ann - 17 Dec. 2010

at least 61 people – newly homeless.

In 2011:

199 homes – demolished

1,051 people – displaced

For example:

7 December 2011 – In a Bedouin community, Khan al-Ahmar Mihtawish, in Jerusalem Area C, the Israeli Civil Administration demolished two residential barracks, which had been rebuilt following the prior demolition in the community on 31 October 2011.

Two tents of the International Committee of the Red Cross (see ICRC’s mission here) and two water tanks provided in response to the previous demolition were confiscated.

Twelve people (including nine children) were displaced and some 21 others affected.

Bare feet in December - Bedouin children - Impacted by the Israeli government's occupation of Palestine - Photo: Sherry Ann - 17 Dec. 2010

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