Bulldozers Poised to Destroy Susiya!

Witnessing life under occupation – Please share and talk about Patricia’s news from Susiya, a Palestinian village under threat of demolition by the Israeli government.


EAPPI's photo. Bulldozer used to demolish homes in Palestine

Our worse fears are unfolding. As we were returning home this bulldozer lumbered down the road past Susiya and was delivered to the military outpost 2 minutes away!

The EAPPI overnight shift arrived. Nothing to report in the handover. It had been a  quiet day. Just as  we arrived  back in Yatta, a phone call from Nassar, the spokesperson for the village, informed us of the unwelcome but not unexpected arrival of bulldozers.

We race back to Susiya. Another bulldozer, and trailer of heavy equipment and bales of hay??? have been delivered to the military outpost. The moment we have been dreading has come. We expect that the plans to demolish the village will be deployed tomorrow.

strategy planning strategy planning

Days off and checkpoint duty are abandoned as we plan for the probable demolition in the morning. We are prepared ….everything we might need…

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1 thought on “Bulldozers Poised to Destroy Susiya!

  1. I have to keep on believing that this too shall end; justice will overcome the insanity and hatred. Just as Ghandi’s followers walked into the British unarmed the travesty revealed who the aggressor is and whom is truly immoral. May it be sooner than later!

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