Access to learning – Access to understanding

“This idea of conversation – talking together, reaching mutual understanding, and making meaning together across hierarchies – that’s the work that needs to be done” (Samantha Tan, quoted in Brown, 2003, p. 201).

How will we enable the next generation to engage in meaningful conversation if we restrict opportunities to learn and grow? My question arises as I read a recent posting by two Ecumenical Accompaniers currently placed in East Jerusalem. Debbie (click here) is one of the two EAs and is from Edmonton. Here’s the posting that she wrote with a teammate, Nkosi (click here).

Brown, Juanita. (2003). The World Café: Shaping our futures through conversations that matter. With David Isaacs and the World Café Community. Foreword by Margaret J. Wheatley. Afterword by Peter Senge. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.


3 thoughts on “Access to learning – Access to understanding

  1. Sherry-Ann: It is interesting but several times in the past couple of weeks I have heard from both Palestinians and Israelis working for a just peace that we need to create more and more opportunities for people to come together around food, art, whatever to begin building trust and relationships. I recently attended the inaugural gathering for the Hallelujah Dialogue project that is one such attempt here in Jerusalem.

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