People write…for help… for peace in and around Gaza.

As the idea of a 72-hour humanitarian break in the siege on Gaza evaporated yesterday, several letters/statements reached my Inbox. I find them heart-moving, thought-provoking, and inspiring – and I feel encouraged… to draft another blog posting. With each day that passes, I wonder how to proceed… should I bother to write… But ‘they’ are writing, and so I forward their inspiring words on…

A statement from the Ecumenical Accompaniers in South Africa – 70 of them, who have also participated in EAPPI, were moved by the horrors in and around Gaza to write (click here).

A member of the Israeli peace movement, Uri Avnery, wrote (click here).

A Dutch-Israeli family, spending their summer vacation in Tel Aviv, wrote (click here).

A German freelance journalist from Berlin currently in Gaza wrote (click here).

And… in 2013, the children of Gaza called out for help (click here and here).


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