Human Rights – Here is a hand to help all stand up for Gaza.


Al-Quds Day Edmonton, AB_25 July 2014 – Photo: Sherry Ann

Edmonton, Alberta. 25 July 2014. We stood up, in support of international humanitarian law and international human rights law on the International Day of Al-Quds (click here); Al-Quds is also known as Jerusalem. We stood up to demonstrate our concern for those who are suffering and dying in Gaza. One person who spoke, Dr. Ghada Ageel, is from Gaza and spoke in personal terms (click here for her recent article). We were not at risk of dying, through this rally. But people died when they protested yesterday, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and near East Jerusalem (click here).

Some commentators are trying to make sense of the “sides” and who is to blame (for example, click here) regarding the hostilities in and around Gaza. However, I perceive that “sides” are no longer the point. Human suffering is the point.

Here, here is a hand…to help all stand up:

Globally, citizens are speaking out. See here. Sign this petition here.

Gary Paterson, the Moderator of the United Church of Canada (UCC), has begun to cry out (click here). I am hopeful still that the Moderator, representing the UCC, will release a public statement to Canadian society and to the federal government to speak on the world stage against the killing of civilians in and near Gaza. And to offer humanitarian and medical assistance to those who are suffering. Please consider contacting the Moderator via this page (here). Please write to Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and to your Member of Parliament here and here.

So much more is possible for our world (for example, click here).

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is another way to ‘stand up’ (click here). The United Church of Canada’s campaign, “Unsettling Goods: Choose Peace in Palestine and Israel”, is an economic action in support of clear labelling of goods produced in the illegal Israeli settlements. By refusing to buy mislabeled products, people in one part of the world can support the growth of a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

To learn how you might choose to participate in the Unsettling Goods campaign:
Information about the campaign (here)
Choose how to participate (here)
Fact sheets regarding the three manufacturers (here): (i) Ahava; (ii) Keter Plastic; (iii) SodaStream
Letters for four Canadian retailers carrying the products of these three manufacturers (here): (a) Canadian Tire; (b) The Bay; (c) Home Depot; (d) Walmart Canada.
Map showing settlements, from Peace Now (here)
Information about the Israeli settlements (here)
Zatoun – Learn about fair trade olive oil and other products, in support of the Palestinian economy (here).

Action: Please share this posting and the postings of these past few days with family, friends, on Facebook, Twitter… The more that we know, the better.

Al-Quds Day 109 St. Edmonton_25 July 2014 Photo: Sherry Ann

Al-Quds Day 109 St. Edmonton_25 July 2014 Photo: Sherry Ann

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