Canada Park – And a double standard

Interested in learning more about the history of Canada Park, built in the occupied West Bank on demolished Palestinian villages? (click here) (see my previous posting here)

Interested in hearing about “…the double standards within Canada on these issues where it’s okay to support Israeli charities even if they’re doing things contrary to international law but on the other hand it’s illegal or not allowed to support Palestinian charities”? -Yves Engler in the video, Canadian Jews oppose the Jewish National Fund (JNF) (click here)

Consider signing the following petition as circulated by Independent Jewish Voices – Canada which is “a national human rights organization whose mandate is to promote a just resolution to the dispute in Israel and Palestine through the application of international law and respect for the human rights of all parties” (from here).

Here is an excerpt of the text of the petition (here):

“The JNF is a registered charity in Canada, subsidized by Canadian taxpayers. I do not support giving tax exemptions to organizations that practice racial discrimination, and that are complicit in war crimes.

Based on the following facts, I am calling on the Minister of National Revenue to initiate the revocation of the JNF’s charitable status. JNF activities are not charitable, and its policies and actions run contrary to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Canada Revenue Agency Policy Statement CPS-021 concerning Registering Charities that Promote Racial Equality, and international law.

·         The JNF’s projects of displacement and forestation continue, particularly in the Naqab (Negev) and the Galilee. In these areas, “development” projects in which the JNF plays a central role aim to continue the forced displacement of Palestinian citizens of Israel to make way for exclusively Jewish settlements and JNF parks and forests [5]. I am appalled by the ongoing displacement of the indigenous inhabitants of the land.

In the interests of peace and justice—which have been denied the people of the region for far too long— I kindly request that the Minister of National Revenue swiftly initiate the revocation of the JNF’s charitable status.”

The IJV petition offers these additional resources:
Israel’s Discriminatory Land Policies by Stephen Lendman (2009) (click here)

-Dossier on Canada Park (click here)

-CBC’s documentary ‘A Park with No Peace: Canada Park’ (1991) (click here)

The JNF: Planting Trees or Uprooting Families? by Moriel Rothman (2011) (click here)

[5]  –Some Things Never Change: The Prawer Plan and the Legacy of the Nakba (2013) by Rabbi Alissa Wise (click here)

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