A Letter from East Jerusalem to Canada – Part 3 = Settlements

A letter from my Ecumenical-Accompanier friend, Jan, who is currently placed in occupied East Jerusalem, as I was in Dec. 2010-March 2011…

“Dear Canada,

Since returning to Palestine, I have been appalled at the level of Israeli settlement growth (on Palestinian land in the West Bank) that has occurred since I left here 15 months ago.  These settlements are built in direct contravention of International Humanitarian Law.

Many people in Canada are confused about settlements and settlers and what the terms refer to.  Part of our work as EA’s is to write a blog.  Over the past few weeks, I attempted to help people understand these terms through a blog post “Settlements and Settlers”  (click here) and another post “The Human Costs of Settler Violence” (click here).

As you are aware, the issue of Israeli settlement products was discussed at the United Church’s General Council 41 in August 2012, with General Council taking definitive action.  On February 28, 2013, Nora Sanders, General Secretary of The United Church of Canada, wrote to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird [PDF: 2 pp/217 KB] asking that products produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank be clearly identified and distinguished from products made in Israel.  You can learn more about her letter on the United Church website (click here).

Included on that webpage is a request to write letters to local MP’s and to Minister Baird, in support of Nora Sander’s letter.As a current United Church overseas personnel serving with the World Council of Churches EAPPI in Jerusalem, I am strongly encouraging your congregations  and individuals to send letters to your MP’s and to Minister Baird in support of the letter written by Nora Sanders.  Please also circulate this request through your circles.   Letter writers can be people of any denomination, and no denomination.  We are all Canadian consumers.

Thank you.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom,

Jan, A Canadian Ecumenical Accompanier, in East Jerusalem, A Mosaic for Peace

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