Segregated society: Canada… Human Rights Tribunal Hearing begins

“It is when caring citizens do not engage that the most horrible human rights abuses can happen. As a witness you are sending a message that you care about all children being treated fairly and equitably by governments.” (Click here for full information about the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Hearing on First Nations Child Welfare; the hearing begins on 25 Feb. 2013.)

I believe that once a society starts segregating parts of itself from other parts, that society…falls apart…

Listen to the voices of Canadian children, youth, and young adults (click here for a video).

The colonialism of the past on Turtle Island, what is called North America in 2013, has caused deep divides in Canadian society. In the case of the upcoming Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Hearing on First Nations Child Welfare, Canadians will have an opportunity to demonstrate care – that this centuries-old segregation must end… Click here to sign on to the “I am a Witness” effort.

Click here to encourage another society, Palestine/Israel, to end the segregation that is growing with each passing day. Send a message to Canadian leaders to encourage the Israeli government to turn back from a future of segregation… of apart-ness… of apartheid…

I also believe that when dominant parts of a society begin to listen and engage with those who have been marginalized in a society, then healing can begin…

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