A non-violent approach? How dare you!

Yesterday (click here), the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), led by Mahmoud Abbas (Chairman of the PLO and President of the Palestinian Authority), submitted a resolution to the United Nations’ General Assembly for the promotion of Palestine to a non-member, “enhanced observer” status at the UN. A decision is expected on Thursday, 29 Nov. 2012. You may remember that, in Fall 2011, the Palestinian Authority applied for full-member status (based on pre-June 1967 borders) with the UN. In Nov. 2011, the Security Council (under pressure from such players as the United States) did not achieve a unanimous response (click here and here) and the process stalled.

As you will see in my links to various news articles, some analysts are commending this current application as a non-violent action in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Why, then, would Canada be pressuring the Palestinian Authority to stop this application (click here), with a threat to end funding aid?? Essentially: stop this non-violent action, or else! (click here) Since when did and how has this become a Canadian position?? (Consider this resource by Marci McDonald for additional background.)

Note: Palestine does not have independent statehood in international-relations terms. Palestinians are stateless. With their current “permanent observer” status, Palestinians cannot access the International Criminal Court (ICC). With “enhanced observer” status, Palestinians would be able to apply for access to the ICC. Israel and the United States have actively worked to prevent Palestinian access to the ICC (click here , here, and here). Imagine if such access existed… why, this would be another non-violent response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…a way into examining the Israeli government’s violations of international humanitarian law (see an excellent analysis here). Imagine…

“Indeed, as the latest Gaza conflict begins its inevitable winding down, it will become increasingly apparent that Israel’s continual deployment of large-scale, indiscriminate force against people and space of Gaza – and, equally important, the West Bank as well – constitute not merely the context for war crimes but for crimes against humanity and, because of their clearly aggressive nature, a crime against peace. Hamas and Palestinian forces responsible for launching rockets at Israel will also have to reckon with the legal, political and moral consequences of their ongoing resort to violence, and the massive and disproportionate Israeli response they invariably produce.” (Mark LeVine & Lisa Hajjar, 21 Nov. 2012; see the full article here.)

Actions: From Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (here)

Please take 30 seconds to show solidarity with the Palestinians before UN General Assembly vote

Thursday, Nov. 29th, the Palestinians will take their bid for statehood to the UN General Assembly, after it was blocked last year by the US in the Security Council.  It will likely pass, and if it does, the Palestinians will have important new tools to use in pursuit of their self-determination and human rights.  A few important states* are wavering, and you can make a difference.

First, click here to send an email to your MP expressing your support for Palestine’s bid.  Then forward this email to a friend.
Then please join in and do your part in one or more of the following ways:

1. If you did not do so above, participate in our action alert to Canadian political leaders. Click here to send your email now.

2. Send a hard-copy letter to your MP. Please click here to open a letter in an editable PDF format to send to your Member of Parliament. Click here to find out who’s your MP.

3. Participate in Avaaz’s action alert to the leaders of European nations.  Strong support from Europe will be important in Palestine’s quest.  Click here to watch an excellent video prepared by Avaaz on the Palestine issue, called “Middle East Peace – The real story”. Then click here to send your email.
4. Meet your MP. Walk them through our FAQ document on Palestinian statehood as well as our talking points. To find the contact information for your MP, please click here.

5.Sign up to CJPME’s Media Centre, and participate in our media alert network. We are closely monitoring the media during this period, and additional participants can help out greatly. Click here to watch an overview video. Click here to sign up as a media responder.

Together, let’s make Canada the champion of human rights that it should be.  Thanks for your support to the rights of the Palestinian people!
The CJPME Leadership
CJPME Email – CJPME Website

* Unfortunately, Canada is poised to oppose the Palestinian bid at the UN.”

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