Watching for news…advocating for a just peace

As the violence continues in Gaza and Israel, let’s not become immune to the horrific news… here are some on-line articles for sticking with this active vigil…

“Israelis Against the Bombing” by Symon Hill (here)

“My Visit to Gaza, the World’s Largest Open-Air Prison” by Noam Chomsky (here)

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) in Canada – Media Release (15 Nov. 2012)  (here)

Edmontonian Paula Kirman speaks as a member of Independent Jewish Voices (17 Nov. 2012) – See the video here.

See this list from the Canadian Friends of Sabeel – “Stay informed on developments by following media sites which provide an honest picture and thoughtful analysis, such as:

** Please note that this is only a small compilation and not an exhaustive list.”

Action: Consider choosing not to purchase products made in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. This information has been prepared by the Interfaith Peace Initiative using information from (click here and here).

Action: If writing to the media, see this helpful webpage from the Canadian Friends of Sabeel (here).

Today the United Network for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel, based in Canada, issued this statement in response to the violence in Gaza and Israel (click here for the UNJPPI website):

“[The UNJPPI] stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are facing an overwhelming military attack by Israel. The Israeli rockets and bombing in Gaza, while claiming to be strategically directed to military targets in Gaza, are killing many civilians as well as destroying essential non-military infrastructure. The tragic loss of lives of children is particularly heart-wrenching. The support of the US and other western powers, including Canada, for Israel’s action puts the onus unfairly on Hamas and the Palestinians for ending the violence. The Palestinian people have been living under the oppressive Israeli occupation of their lands since 1967. We believe that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Land is the major contributor to the injustice that underlies the violence that has erupted in this conflict and that an end to the occupation is necessary for peace.

The devastating loss of lives on all sides is tragic. As friends of the Palestinians in Gaza as well as the West Bank, and in solidarity with our friends in the vibrant Israeli peace movement, we recognize the
frustration and desperation that they experience from living in what has been called “an open-air prison” created by the illegal Israeli occupation and blockade. We hear the pleas of Israelis who live in
fear in villages near the Gaza border for an end to the oppression that provokes the rocket attacks from Gaza. Our tears flow as we hear the cries of parents for the loss of their children. We call for an end to
the violence that is resulting in the tragic loss of civilian lives, including children and women.

We are concerned about the imbalance in the media reports. The international condemnation of the rocket attacks from Gaza and support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens is the predominant tone of many media reports. While we condemn the rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, we are aware that the humanitarian situation of the population in the Gaza Strip is unbearable. Balance in media reporting and political analysis must recognize that life is precious, and loss from bombs or starvation, is equally tragic. In the words of an Ecumenical Accompanier currently in Palestine, “Are not the lives on the receiving end of the bombs in Gaza as precious as those on the receiving end of the rockets in Israel?” Peace requires restraint. We urge that both sides cease the attacks, but as Rabbi Arik Ascherman
(Rabbis for Human Rights) an Israeli Rabbi, notes, “With our greater power comes greater responsibility.”

With the people of Gaza, we have many questions. Our fear is magnified by the threat of Israel’s warning of increased retaliation and support from Western leaders. When will it end? When will the
international community stop justifying Israel’s right to protect itself at the expense of innocent civilians in illegally occupied territories? When will Canadians say, “Enough is enough?”

What can we do? Ecumenical Accompanier Dawn Waring quotes Palestinian author Sami Al Jundi who puts it poignantly: “My children will be safe only when your children know safety, and your children will be safe only when my children know safety … but actually there’s no such thing as my children and your
children. There’s only our children.” ~ And Dawn concludes: “Will you lend your voice to the cause of justice and peace ~ for all our children?”

In support for the action of the United Church’s General Council, we ask members to urge the Canadian government to provide leadership among nations advocating for the end of the Israeli blockade of Gaza
in order to facilitate a solution for peace with justice for all people in Israel and Palestine. May our prayers for peace join with the prayers of our friends in Palestine and Israel who are committed to
working in non-violent ways for a just peace even in this critical moment. May God’s Spirit of peace be over all.
November 16, 2012”

The Canadian Friends of Sabeel also offer this list of resources:

Compilation of articles, resources and analysis

With the attack on Gaza and the responses, in light of a lack of good mainstream media coverage, we have complied selective on-line resources in the hopes of providing an honest picture and thoughtful analysis.  These items below seem to offer perspective on the current situation.
Backgrounder on Gaza
The Gaza Strip: the Political Economy of De-development (2012 Edward Said Memorial Lecture) by Dr. Sarah Roy
This is an excellent piece and a must read! 
Contextualizing the U.S. approach to the region
The Petraeus Saga: Epitaph for a Four Star by Col. Douglas Macgregor, Ret.
Israel and the U.S.
Netanyahu calls Obama’s bluff by M K Bhadrakumar
The Invasion of Gaza: Part of a Broader US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda. Towards a Scenario of Military Escalation? By Michel Chossudovsky
Possible New CIA Director Already Politically Compromised:  Jane Harman and Israeli Spying by Alison Weir
Guardian: Obama’s kill list policy compels US support for Israeli attacks on Gaza by Glenn Greenwald
Timeline of events
TIMELINE: Israel’s Latest Escalation in Gaza by IMEU
Timeline of Israeli escalation in Gaza by Adam Horowitz
Interview with Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian American journalist, and co-founder of the Electronic Intifada
Inciting war crimes: Israel minister says force Gaza population into Egypt, cut off water, electricityby Ali Abunimah
G&M: Israel’s attack underlines helplessness, hopelessness of Gaza Palestinians by Diana Buttu
Israeli peace activist: Hamas leader Jabari killed amid talks on long-term truce by Nir Hasson
Opinion – Analysis
Nous accusons: Mainstream media fails to report on atrocities against Gaza by various (including Noam Chomsky)
Another Superfluous War by Uri Avnery
Who Started It? Bloodbath in Gaza by Patrick Higgins
Israel Looks To Exodus In Gaza Invasion by James Wall
Gaza-Israel Violence: The Fuller Story by Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Self-defense or provocation: Israel’s history of breaking ceasefires by IMEU
A Pillar Built on Sand by John Mearsheimer (NECEF JGMLecturer – 2009)

1 thought on “Watching for news…advocating for a just peace

  1. Hi Sherry-Ann: I appreciate you reposting so much of this material and making it accessible to others through your blog. I am finding it challenging to keep up with amount of news, and to keep engaging the material analytically. There is so much coming through which can’t yet be verified.
    I was glad of UNJPPI’s statement and the material from Canadian Friends of Sabeel. We all need to stay vigilant and prayerful. for peace, In shallah, for a willingness for both sides to stand down from this position of brinksmanship, which is resulting in more death.
    Glad that you are a partner in theses prayers and actions.


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