Standing with those who seek a just peace.

Yesterday, Commissioners at the 41st General Council of the United Church of Canada voted in endorsement of the report of the Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy: “…the United Church has put its stamp of approval on a proposal that includes a call for a boycott of products from the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank” (click here).

Click here to read the text of the 13 motions that were approved by the United Church of Canada’s 41st General Council regarding Israel and Palestine.

Click here for an interview with Rev. Bruce Gregerson, Senior Programs Officer of the United Church of Canada, from 15 August 2012, on CBC’s Power & Politics hosted by Evan Solomon.

As a next step, the General Council Executive will develop ways to identify products (e.g., cosmetics and electronics) from illegal Israeli settlements for  church members’ reference.

Some may suggest that the United Church of Canada took one party’s side over another. I see this decision as standing with all those, Israeli, Palestinian, and engaged citizens in Canada (e.g., Independent Jewish Voices Canada – see news releases here; Canadian Friends of Sabeel – click here) and around the world, who seek a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace.


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