Invitation to participate

I invite you to write a Letter to the Editor of The Globe and Mail to encourage the editorial team to interview the authors of the report of the Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy in the United Church of Canada, the accompanying You Tube commentary, additional comment, and ‘question and answer’ document. I encourage you to ask the editorial team to report on the Working Group’s response, in The Globe and Mail, much as the newspaper reported yesterday (click here): “Canadian senators warn UnitedChurchover Israelboycott”.

Click here to read two letters issued by The United Church of Canada.

For a very helpful contribution to the national discourse written by a member of our ministry team at Southminster-Steinhauer United Church, Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Steeves, click here.

For some background on the Canadian senators’ letter, click here to listen to the exchange on CBC’s As It Happens in early June.

Here is the email address for the editorial team at The Globe and Mail: 

Invitation on a garden wall. Tel Aviv - 29 Dec. 2010 - Photo: Sherry Ann

Invitation on a garden wall. Tel Aviv – 29 Dec. 2010 – Photo: Sherry Ann

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