Palestinian Christian voices

Following my postings of 23 April and 26 March 2012, I offer additional resources regarding the call of Palestinian Christians for a just peace through faith, hope, and love. Click here for their document, Kairos Palestine, comparable to the Kairos document published by black South African theologians in 1985 regarding South African Apartheid.

Learn about Palestinian Christians, in their own voices, in the recent publication from EAPPI. Click here and then click on the hyperlinked title, “Faith Under Occupation” (the second listing of the title): “In this EAPPI study, they tell their own story of life under an occupation that discriminates against all Palestinians, regardless of their faith.”

Christian Quarter - Old City - Jerusalem - 13 Feb 2011 - Photo: Sherry Ann

Christian Quarter - Old City - Jerusalem - 13 Feb 2011 - Photo: Sherry Ann

Robert Wright, a senior editor at The Atlantic, has offered an editorial regarding the 60 Minutes segment. For Wright’s editorial, click here. To watch the segment, click here and you’ll be taken to the 60 Minutes website where you can watch the clip.

For a recent commentary in Ha’aretz, click here.

Mairav Zonszein, an Israeli-American native of New York City, living in Israel since 1999, offers her commentary here.

Read +972’s piece by Yossi Gurwitz here.

One response to this issue in the media is to consider signing a petition (click here) organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, an American, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting equality, democracy and self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians. For comparable activity in Canada, click here for Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada.

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  1. this is very interesting. thanks for the post. I wanted to share a wonderful book I read recently called “Anna’s House”, quite an eloquent work on the life of Anna Spafford and her religious cult at the American Colony in Jerusalem. Although I got the book from a book store, I later discovered that the publisher ( seems to have a great collection of books on their site. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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