News from Gaza

“As the Israeli  army, continues its military attacks, against the Gaza strip, those attacks that started since Friday 10th of march 530 pm, and continue  targeting  Palestinian resistance armed men, those offensive acts are  illegal  according to international law,  every human is entitled a trial , and assassination act is illegal while resisting occupation is legal according to international law.

Usually the entire civilian population includes women and children, pays large price and takes the brunt of this situation. Our concern is the lack of medications and supplies, and if the operation continues, the number of causalities will increase; the toll is 16 dead and 30 injured till this minute

Gaza Population already lives under a devastating humanitarian situation, while the occupation continues, and the internal conflict is not solved, and the governments of the world are silent. And indifferent.

We at the RCSG, appeal to the international community, and to our friends and supporters, spread the word, make the pressure on your governments, to stop these attacks soon.

The humanitarian situation in GAZA is on the verge of collapse. The military attacks continue, while we lack electricity and our medical facilities and hospitals have all but exhausted what little fuel we have to  operate the alternative generators.

We have insufficient medications, 186 basic medications are lacking in our pharmacies and drug stores. Apart from the insufficient medical supplies, children in the special care baby units are in great danger as are renal dialysis patients and cancer patients are dying unnecessarily, unable to have their treatment.  Diabetic and asthmatic patients as well as many chronic illness patients, those who  need their medications regularly cannot get them.  The list is too long to convey in this appeal.

Please act immediately to stop this attack against Gaza’s population.

You have been always great supporters and showed your solidarity, at the most difficult times.

Yours sincerely

Mona ElFarra
Vice president
Red Crescent society for Gaza strip
MECA Director –Gaza Strip

Mona ElFarra
From Gaza With Love”

For commentary from a left-leaning Israeli newspaper, click here.

For an article from a Palestinian newspaper, click here.


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