Bomb in Jerusalem

In a small bag.

Jerusalem Map Detail - Jerusalem Municiple buildings - 27 Dec. 2010 - Photo: Sherry Ann

Near the Central Bus Station with people coming and going. And standing.

She was hurt and died.

She Who is my mother.

Your mother.

“So countless are all sentient beings, and so many their births throughout time, that each at some point was your mother.”*

Poor One who left the small bag…

Such pain packed there…

West Jerusalem skyline - 1 March 2011 - Photo: Sherry Ann

-Sherry Ann (26 March 2011)**

*Joanna Macy quoting a Tibetan nun.    Joanna Macy with Norbert Gahbler. (2010). Pass It On: Five Stories That Can Change the World. Berkeley, CA: Parallax Press, p. 53.

**A bomb exploded from a small bag that was left near the Central Bus Station, West Jerusalem, on 23 March 2011. Click here, here, and here for more information.

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