“Go in Peace”

On visiting Eilat…a thin wedge of desert between the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and Jordan…on the Gulf of Aqaba…

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It’s Elemental

In awe

Hearts pounding


Braced in the wind

In awe of this element of water



We stand, with cameras poised

Trying to capture, though never completely,

The sight of this surf.

But it isn’t just a sight or sound or taste.

It is bigger, a feeling that moves through, and past, each and all of us.

Where are you from?
What language do you speak?

Does it matter…

It’s a feeling that moves through, and past, each and all of us.

“Go in Peace”

in awe…

-Sherry Ann (15 Feb. 2011)

5 thoughts on ““Go in Peace”

  1. On Sunday, Nancy spoke of serenity – “A calm within the storm”. These pictures and your words speak of much calm in your spirit.

  2. Hello Sherry Ann,
    Your photos and poetry made me feel homesick for the ocean; any ocean!
    Thank you and keep up the good work!


  3. as the full moon wanes

    EA Stories4Peace is a powerful, informative source that weaves our humanity in its full expression together. . .we see who we can be and dare to reach. . . thank you greatly. . .Carolyn McDade

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