Place…ment: Jerusalem

I have learned that I will be one of four Ecumenical Accompaniers in Jerusalem for the winter. What is this place? I think that it means so much to so many, and has done so for so long. How do I begin to write about this place…

“Talking about place, where we belong, is a constant subject for many of us. We want to know if it is possible to live on the earth peacefully. Is it possible to sustain life? Can we embrace an ethos of sustainability that is not solely about the appropriate care of the world’s resources, but is also about the creation of meaning – the making of lives that we feel are worth living.” -bell hooks. (2009). Belonging: A culture of place. New York: Routledge, p. 1.

Perhaps, I’ll start by listening…

5 thoughts on “Place…ment: Jerusalem

  1. I think Jerusalem means …. Yahweh.s Shalom ..or.. The Peace of God. How ironic it has often been a place for anything but peace. I know your listening and caring will help infuse a peace-filled moment into that great city.

  2. As you travel to Jerusalem, may you know that the hearts of all who love you journey with you. May you feel our strength and our support in these coming weeks and months.
    And…we can’t wait to hear what you’re hearing, and see what you’re seeing…if only through your words and pictures. We’re excited along with you.

  3. Sherry Ann, we wish you a safe trip to your new ‘place’ where we know you will bring meaning to many who have lost hope — just with your smile!

  4. Sending you a virtual hug as you make final preparations for your flight.
    I will treasure your reading from Exodus 3: 1-5 this morning; may that reading be a mantra for you as you walk a new journey in a new place of “holy ground”; may that reading also be a “bridge” for all of us from there to here, and here to there. Peace as you journey.

  5. We are thinking of you today as you travel and hope you feel the invisible but strong threads of friendship. Thoughts of you –

    studying, learning, preparing, growing, planning, commissioning, packing, leaving, waiting, travelling, praying, remembering, anticipating, journeying

    arriving….. Jerusalem

    We look forward to knowing about your experiences and sharing your excitement.

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