Listen…to these voices…

that differ from the political-economic, dominant, ’empire’ voices of our time…

Listen to the Palestinians’ call for a just path to peace: here.

Listen to the Israelis who are calling their government to account: here.

Listen to Ecumenical Accompaniers like Jan in occupied East Jerusalem: here.

What does your voice say?

Please use your voice. As a Canadian, please contact your Member of Parliament (click here) and Foreign Minister John Baird and invite them to… Listen to these voices… to your voice…

If you are a member or friend of the United Church of Canada, please write to your General Council (GC) Representative (click here) and urge her or him to not only work toward the Implementation of the 41st General Council Motion on Palestine/Israel Education and Economic Action but also to call for the GC Executive to take that path NOW…toward “education and economic action” across the United Church of Canada and thereby across Canadian society… To raise awareness of illegal Israeli settlements and, through the clear labelling of products made in those settlements, to grow aware of the option of not purchasing those products… 

A just peace: The ‘threat’ for Palestine and Israel… a threat for the world…

The Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) recently posted a link (click here) to a well-articulated statement by Canadian Member of Parliament Jean-François Fortin.

“On March 26 [2013], after exchanges with CJPME staff (and leveraging CJPME’s research), MP Jean-François Fortin delivered an excellent critique of Israeli’s colonization of the West Bank, and Canada’s silence on this ongoing violation of international law. Watch the video here – debate starts at 9:49:40. For the full text of Mr. Fortin’s critique, see this link.”
In the video, for all that the Parliamentary Secretary (Foreign Affairs) Bob Dechert responds that Canada’s foreign-policy position is “principled Middle-East policy” as it stands with the United States, dear Canada, we increasingly stand alone  with our neighbour. See this helpful map (below) (or click here). Are we not obstructing the potential for a just peace in Palestine and Israel and thereby slowing the global journey to a peaceful world?

I invite you to take action. Learn more about the situation and how it is a global issue. If you live in Edmonton, drop into the 2nd Annual Palestinian Bazaar (Human Serve International) on Sat., 30 March 2013 (click here). Share this posting with family, friends, acquaintances. Share your thoughts with your MP…

By B1mbo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Results of U.N. General Assembly vote [Dec. 2012] on granting observer state status to Palestine. Green: In favor; Red: Against; Yellow: Abstaining; Blue: Absent; Black: Palestine. Map by B1mbo/Wikimedia (source). License: CC BY-SA
After hearing friends describe this stark map, I found it at this webpage (click here).

A letter from East Jerusalem to Canada – Part 2

Dear Canada,

How are you?

I have read that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird (click here), speaking for the federal government of Canada, has warned Palestinians not to pursue internationally recognized human rights in the United Nations and the International Criminal Court (click here).

I am confused. Why would Canada, with its past record of protecting human rights and freedoms and of peace keeping, warn other peoples not to seek a just peace?